The Structure of the European Education Systems 2018-19 – Eurydice Report

Gerry O'Sullivan

Posted: 7 November, 2018

This report provides information on the structure of mainstream European education systems, from pre-primary to tertiary level for the 2018/19 school and academic year. It includes national schematic diagrams, an explanatory guide and a map showing visually the main organisational models of compulsory education. They also reveal that there are three main organisational models of primary and lower secondary education in Europe: Single Structured Education, common core curriculum provision and differentiated lower secondary education. The information is available for 43 European education systems covering 38 countries participating in the EU’s Erasmus+ programme. The report’s content is in line with the Eurydice Network’s task: to understand and explain how Europe’s different education systems are organised and how they work.

The Structure of the European Education Systems 2018/19 (Eurydice 2018)