Application forms – 2017
Applications for Erasmus+ 2016-2017 are OPEN

*Please note that the different actions have their own specific deadline dates.

Technical Guidelines for Completing eForm Applications

Key Action 1 Mobility – 2nd of February 2017

  1. Student and Staff Mobility – Programme Countries – Decentralised Action

Student and Staff Mobility Application Form 2017/2018 ****PDF TO BE ADDED

HEA Tables Mobility

2. Student and Staff Mobility – International Credit Mobility between programme and partner countries – Decentralised Action

Application Form 2017/2018 ****PDF TO BE ADDED

Inter-institutional Agreement

Do's and Dont's ICM Credit Mobility Guidance en

Funds Available per Envelope Country

Understanding ICM in Eramsus+ by Mr Paul Guest 2017

3. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters – Centralised Action – deadline 16/02/2016

Joint Master Degrees 2016

Key Action 2 – Co-operation

  1. Strategic Partnerships – Decentralised Action (29/03/2017)

Strategic Partnerships Application Form ****PDF TO BE ADDED

2. Capacity Building Measures – Centralised Action

Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education

3. Knowledge Alliances – Centralised Action

Knowledge Alliances-Sector Skills Alliances

Key Action 3 – Policy Reform

  1.  Quality assurance at European level for enhanced transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications – Decentralised Action

Quality Assurance at European Level

Jean Monnet Activities
Designed to promote excellence in teaching and research in the field of European Union studies worldwide. The activities also foster the dialogue between the academic world and policy-makers, in particular with the aim of enhancing governance of EU policies.

Jean Monnet

Collaborative partnerships in the sport field and Not-for-profit European sport events related to the 2016 European Week of Sport