Promotion Package for Erasmus+ Beneficiaries and National Agencies

Erasmus+ OLS website
The Erasmus+ OLS website gathers all useful information on the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support, language assessments and language courses. It is also the point of entry for Erasmus+ mobility participants

Erasmus+ OLS FAQs
The FAQs available on the Erasmus+ OLS website list all commonly asked questions and provide detailed answers

Erasmus+ OLS fact sheet
The fact sheet brings together useful information on the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support – Available in the OLS back-end home page

Erasmus+ OLS leaflets
The leaflet gathers handy information on the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support language assessment and language course. Please note that its text is regularly updated due to the moving numbers.

Presentation of the Erasmus+ OLS Language Assessment
This presentation illustrates the basic principles of the Erasmus+ language assessment in a visually appealing way.
Languages available: all 24 EU official languages – Available on the OLS back-end home screen and at Presentations And Factsheet and at OLS Presentations 18Languages

Erasmus+ OLS YouTube Playlists
The Erasmus+ OLS YouTube Playlists available on the European Commission’s YouTube channel bring together all the videos which have been produced to explain the Erasmus+ OLS – Available at and