Impacttool – a Dutch approach to defining “impact”

Gerry O'Sullivan

Posted: 8 November, 2018

Congratulations to the Dutch NA who have produced a tool that helps National Agencies, higher education institutions and all those who wish to address the issue of “impact” in their funding applications and policy analyses.

Entitled Impacttool, the resource can be accessed at this link.

It is important for Erasmus+ projects to have the greatest possible effect and to be as successful as possible. To this end, the Dutch National Agency Erasmus+ focuses strongly this aspect which “refers to the change which is achieved partly as a result of a project, for the benefit of an individual, an organisation and society as a whole.”

This tool will help you:

– to think about the intended change and the design of the project;
– to check whether you have sufficient confidence in the proposed interventions;
– to think about the times in the project at which you can monitor and/or adjust progress.