First held in 2008, the University-Business Forum was established to provide a unique platform for stakeholders from both the academic and the business sector in Europe. Serving as a common space for exchange and debate, its aim is to bridge what is almost a cultural gap between these two sectors and to highlight the advantages and shared value of sustained, closer cooperation.

The forum gives them a chance to meet at European level to discuss, network and exchange ideas and good practice. Closer links between business and higher education can:

  • Encourage the transfer and sharing of knowledge
  • Create long-term partnerships and opportunities
  • Drive innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity

There are many examples of successful cooperation between academia and industry in Europe. However, the level of co-operation varies considerably between different countries, universities and academic disciplines.

This format has proved a great success in generating new ideas and pinpointing those areas for development in University-Business Cooperation at a European level. Various policy initiatives have resulted from past events including the Knowledge Alliances launched in 2011 –strategic partnerships between universities and business with an emphasis on innovation and knowledge exchange, now part of Erasmus+ –andHEInnovate; an online self-assessment tool developed in cooperation with the OCED for entrepreneurial higher education institutions looking to bring about change and improvement.

To see when the next conference is going to take place keep an eye on the events page of the Education and Training page of the Europa website.