A Master’s Degree is your chance to really take your education to the highest level, and thanks to Erasmus+ you can finish your studies and get to travel at the same time. Set up on 1 January 2014, Erasmus+ offers an internationally recognized Joint Master’s Degree (JMD) in over thirty countries across the European Union. Whether you fancy the culture of Barcelona or the cuisine of Paris, the Erasmus+ Joint Master’s Degree will help you expand your knowledge of the world, while completing your education and enhancing your understanding of your chosen subject specialism.

Guide to Erasmus Mundus – Presentations from Co-ordinators Conference 12-13 November 2015


You apply directly to the consortium, which carries out a competitive selection procedure for scholarship places, open to candidates from around the world. Application deadlines vary from one Erasmus Mundus programme to another – generally, however the applications for admission with Erasmus Mundus scholarships fall between the period November-January.

How much will it cost?

Taking your education overseas shouldn’t leave you with a huge hole in your finances. In fact, there are a number of scholarships available, as well as loans for either one or two-year courses.

Individual scholarships vary massively depending on the country, the course and the cost of tuition, but they should generally cover travel, living expenses, course fees and insurance. There are normally between 10 and 20 scholarships per year, but just bear in mind that you can’t submit applications to more than three JMD consortia.

Financial support:

All students taking part in an EJMD can apply for a scholarship which should cover:

  • a travel allowance
  • an installation allowance
  • a fixed monthly allowance for all scholarship holders
  • coverage of the students’ participation costs /tuition fees

Where and what can I study?

A full list of the available programmes can be found at:


Updated list of Joint Master Programmes (December 2016)

Joint Master Programmes with Irish Partners (December 2016)