Supplementary support is available from the National Agency to assist with the additional costs incurred by those with physical, mental or health-related conditions.

This is managed on a case by case basis where additional funding and support is provided by Irish National Agency. This can be used to cover the extra expenses incured to engage in the mobility programme, such as a carer or study-aid support, accessible accomodation or return consultancy visits. It is important that the application for additional funding and/or support is made well in advance of the intended travel to ensure the receiving institution or organisation is fully equipped to handle the needs of the staff.

How to Apply

  • Ask the International Officer in your Higher Education Institution (HEI) to request a Fund for Staff with Disabilities application form from the Higher Education Authority (HEA).
  • The International Officer should then complete and return the form to the HEA.
  • If the application is successful, the HEA will allocate additional funds to the staff person’s HEI.
  • The host university should then put the supports in place.


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