Professores do Brasil

Prêmio Professores do Brasil – Brazilian Teachers Award

The Brazilian Teachers Award (Prêmio Professores do Brasil) is an initiative from the Brazilian Ministry of Education to recognise the relevant contribution of public school teachers to the quality of Brazilian Primary and Secondary Education.


Prêmio Professores do Brasil


On the 10th edition of the Award, the Brazilian agency CAPES (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Level Personnel) financed the visit of the thirty winners to Ireland in May 2018. Mary Immaculate College, internationally recognised as a leading provider of teacher training, was chosen by CAPES as the host for this international trip.

The awardees enjoyed the academic and cultural programme organised by Mary Immaculate College. The programme aimed at allowing Brazilian teachers to experience the Irish education system, and included visits to Irish schools and other Teacher Training institutions in the country.

Professor Carlos Lenuzza, Director of Basic Education and Distance Learning at CAPES and Professor Concepta McManus Pimentel, Director of International Cooperation at CAPES joined the thirty teachers on their visit to Ireland.

The visit of the representatives from the partner agency in Brazil (CAPES) represented a further on the academic collaborations between Brazil and Ireland. During his visit, Professor Lenuzza engaged in discussions with the Irish Department of Education on the possibles of collaboration in the field of Teacher Training. Professor Lenuzza had the opportunity to exchange information about the Brazilian and Irish primary and secondary education during his visit to the National Council for Curriculum & Assessment (NCCA) and the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation (INTO).