​Erasmusintern.org  aims to bring together internship providers and students seeking an internship abroad.

The website was funded by the European Commission as part of STORY project created by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). STORY stands for its aim, which is Strengthening the Training Opportunities for International Youth. It’s a free initiative to find internships in various countries in Europe. ErasmusIntern provides an integrated marketplace that aims at bringing together traineeship providers and students seeking a training opportunity abroad.

This project aims at improving the accessibility and quality of international internships, as well as at increasing the awareness on the existence of such opportunities for youth. In order to achieve this, a research on the subject was committed, and this online platform is being developed in order to enhance students’ international opportunities on the European job market.

ErasmusIntern.org also provides a place where companies and organisations can publish their internship offers and search for interns, and where students that want to do an internship abroad can have their profiles, search and apply for internships vacancies.